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Palm Cay Rug Yarn Introduces

The Punch By Number™ System

Punch By Number™ is geared toward beginner to intermediate punch needle artists who would like to learn how to use graded shades, shadows, and highlights with ease.

Our trademarked system comes in a kit with backing fabric, custom Color Card, and yarn to complete a project; just follow the numbers and punch!

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Our Story

Welcome to Palm Cay Rug Yarn! We are here to offer you the best quality rug yarn with a unique and functional color palette for all of your rug punching and hooking needs. Offering a variety of yarn weights, Palm Cay is your one stop shop for your next project whether it is a luxurious floor rug or a tapestry project for the wall.
Email us and send your questions. We will help you to color plan your project using the right hand dyeds, textures, and patterns of yarn. Let’s develop your project to its fullest potential.

What We Offer

Palm Cay Rug Yarn Company offers specialty hand dyed rug wool yarn in many different weights and color combinations for every kind of needle punching and rug hooking need. We also stock coordinating colors to accent and highlight the hand dyed line so picking the right colors for your project is easy.

Our site offers patterns created by the Palm Cay team for every skill level and interest. Email us with questions on how to pick the right pattern for the punching or hooking level that you are comfortable with.
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“When I punched my rug, I couldn’t find the right background color to go with the center. Heidi at Palm Cay Rug Yarn helped me figure out which color went best by asking me which room my rug was going into. It all made sense when it was explained that way.”

R. Merry

“To be honest I was afraid that I would pick colors that didn’t go. I am always picking blues and getting the same thing over and over. I wanted a change and actually bought a blue hand dyed from Palm Cay that had all kinds of colors mixed in it so I could add different colors and not get the same blue rug.”

Alyssa C.

“I asked the team at Palm Cay if they could help me find a color that I had already used but I didn’t have enough. They dyed a skein that matched good enough to finish my border.”

S.P. from Florida


Palm Cay wants to make this journey an easy and affordable one so that punching or hooking ignites an artistic passion that will last for years to come. Growing in this art form leads to personal confidence with a sense of accomplishment. With our specialty palette and matching coordinates, we want the artist to feel the texture that is created from our hand dyeds by experiencing color use in a new way. Heidi uses her extensive color training to teach others how to best develop their designs.
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Yarn Calculator

A) 1 square foot = 12 inches by 12 inches requires roughly 2/3 of a pound or 10 ounces of wool.

  • An example of a rug 2 feet by 3 feet or (2’x3’) is 6 square feet. 6 multiplied by 2/3 or (0.66) = 3.96 or round up to 4 pounds of wool.
  • One pound of wool is 4 (4-ounce skeins) or 16 ounces.

B) 10 ounces of wool per foot multiplied by 6 square feet = 10 x 6= 60 ounces or approximately 15 (4 ounce) skeins.

  • Another method that is helpful is to measure area with your hand. A human hand averages 9” across with fingers comfortably spread out. When your hand is placed on the rug the area it covers is roughly 4 ounces of wool.

Yarn Weight Gauge

How to determine which needle to use with which yarn.

  • Bulky 4- ply yarn: Use Regular Barrel punch needle
  • Classic 3-ply worsted yarn: Use either Regular or Fine Barrel punch needle
  • Lite- 2-ply sport yarn: Use Fine Barrel punch needle

A Word About Safety

Punch needles are sharp and the tools that are used in rug hooking and punching need to be cared for by an adult and/or used under adult supervision. Yarn can be a choking hazard so please keep out of reach of children.

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Canadian Orders

To find you the best shipping rates and delivery times please complete our Canadian order request form if shipping to Canada.
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  • Helpers

    Frames & Backings
    From frames and backings, we cover it all and can equip you with the product that fits a specific need. Building a project from the design up, or buying a ready-made design on a backing, we can help navigate you though the sometimes-confusing process and make suggestions to help along the way.
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  • Toolbox

    Our Ready-Made Kits
    Our ready-made kits are designed for the beginner and include everything needed to make a punched project from start to finish. We take the guess work out of what to buy and what size yarn is right.
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Our Store

We offer a wide variety of beautifully dyed yarns and thoughtfully prepared yarn collections to help the artist create stunning motifs, interesting backgrounds, and eye-catching borders. These gorgeous hand designed yarns are as wonderful for beginner punchers as well as for the more advanced. Help is always available and is encouraged here at Palm Cay when color planning a new project. The Palm Cay Team is experienced and eager to help you select just the perfect colors and textures for your piece of art.

We create small batches of yarns, by hand, and have limited quantities. Some of our favorites are more heavily stocked. Several of our yarns are painted and many are made to order per customer request. We will try our hardest to ship in a timely manner. That being said, we ask that yarn orders are given up to 10-14 days to dye depending on the time of year, dye requirements, and quantities ordered. We all think you will love our Palm Cay Palette.


Palm Cay Rug Yarn offers a variety of different weights of yarns for different size punching needles and rug hooks.


We have a variety of patterns for all different tastes and projects. Categories include, primitive, wildlife, fruit and vegetable, flowers, and of course, beach.


Palm Cay Rug Yarn offers a variety of different weights of yarns for different size punching needles and rug hooks.
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Explore the Ocean of Color

Heidi 2

About Me

Heidi has been a hooking instructor for 20 years and an Oxford Certified Instructor since 2019. She has studied Textile Design and Color at the Cities and Guilds Institute in London under Master Design artists Linda and Laura Kemshall.
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