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Sold by the piece or yard, raw or serged, this 100% cotton Monk’s Cloth is imported direct from India. Woven with an excellent straight of grain, this cloth measures a full 60 inches wide and has a double thread count of 14 by 14 giving it durability for the most rigorous punching and re-punching. A white guideline thread is woven into the fabric every 2 inches which makes positioning and straightening on a frame easy.

Additional Information

  • 25” x 25” squares are perfect size for the 16” square punching frame.
  • When figuring out how much cloth to buy, add 4 inches to all 4 sides of the outside border of the pattern This will allow extra cloth for stretching, pulling, and correct positioning without the pattern getting in the way of the frame.
  • Palm Cay also recommends that when punching with a silky yarn, fine fabric, or using a fine barrel needle, pre-wash the Monk’s Cloth in cold water and use a cool dryer to slightly tighten up the weave.


  • 12”x 12” raw edge $4.50
  • 18" x 18" raw edge $8.00
  • 25” x 25” raw edge $16.00
  • 30” x 36” raw edge $14.00
  • ½ yard (18”x 60) raw edge $14.00
  • 1-yard raw edge 60”-wide $22.50

Add $2 .00 per piece for serging a raw edge.

Additional information


12”x 12” raw edge, 18" x 18" raw edge, 25” x 25” raw edge, 30” x 36” raw edge, ½ yard (18”x 60") raw edge, 1-yard raw edge 60”-wide

Serging a Raw Edge

Yes, No

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